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The ABW/LMTSG educator team is a blend of dynamic, educated, and passionate instructors.  Most importantly...we have FUN in class and make the material easy to understand. We have well over 100 years of combined teaching experience and ALL of our teachers own and run a business of their own too! We are "in the trenches" with you! We hear you and want to help you avoid the mistakes we have made and teach you the skills to be successful and avoid common pitfalls.  

We pride ourselves on providing quality education that is practical and science-based so that you can build your practice and help your clients/patients out of pain without hurting yourself. We want YOU to be successful along with US!  We are a FAMILY, A TEAM! We want you to be with us. 

WE want you to have FUN and confidence that when you come to learn with us you will always "skip" away satisfied, energized, and ready to bring your practice to the next level. And want to come back for more!


About Our Education Program

Mentoring/Internships for Licensed Therapists – when mentoring our clinic therapists as well as our short-term interns, we work to broaden their skill sets, teach them advanced techniques, and prepare them to run a business as a manual therapist. Through this process, our objective is to provide consistency of care in manual therapy throughout the nation.


Look For an ABW Seminar that fits 

Let Advanced Bodywork and Education work with you to strategize your career path. Take advantage of our expertise in professional Orthopedic Medical Massage Therapy. Our classes are designed to deliver practical skills, inspirational knowledge & practice management ideas.

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