How to become a Certified Advanced Medical Massage Practitioner

1. Complete all of the MMP (medical massage practitioner) courses:

  • Insurance & Billing

  • Neck

  • Back

  • Posture & Pain

  • Upper Extremity

  • Lower Extremity

2. Review ALL of the hands-on MMP classes:

  • Free through LMT Success Group if reviewed within the first year

  • Omit Insurance & Billing

3. Attend the Advanced Medical Massage course (16 CE hours)

4. Attend a condition-specific, hands-on course for a minimum of 8 hours

  • TMJ

  • Arthrossage

5. Attend at least one of the following hands-on massage modality courses for a minimum of 16 hours:

  • Cranio-sacral

  • Massage Cupping

  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage

6. Submit eight case studies to TC

  • Two Neck

  • Two Back

  • Four extremities/appendicular

Techniques utilized can be: manual therapy, orthopedic, cupping, lymphatic drainage, craniosacral, or any combination of these

Once you have completed all of the above, please submit documentation of the courses (including dates, locations, and certificate photocopies) along with your case studies via email to Please allow 6-8 weeks for review and to receive your certificate.

Congratulations! We will be proud to refer clients to you with confidence. Come by the ABW clinic to visit us at any time. We offer internship and mentorship programs!